The Flexo Wash PK 92 Rotary Screen Wash cleans rotary screen cylinders from printing machines using UV-drying screen inks. The screen cylinders are placed on rotating holders. Specially designed jets on both sides of the cylinders ensure a thorough cleaning.

The machine requires minimal cleaning solution, which is circulated with an air-powered diaphragm pump. The pump is filtered and circulates in a closed-circuit system with no waste. Normal wash time is about ten minutes. A timer controls the wash time and is adjustable from 1-100 minutes.

Once the washing starts, the lid locks to prevent the operator from opening the lid by mistake. When the liquid becomes ineffective, it’s very easy to change because the unit is emptied with a pump. The liquid can be left for sedimentation, after which most of it can be reused.

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Flexo Wash offers a cost-efficient screen washing unit for quick and easy washing of rotary screens.

  • Quick and gentle wash operation
  • No liquid inside of sleeve
  • Minimum labor involved
  • Clean and dry items after a few minutes
  • No wear or tear on plates or sleeves
  • Minimal maintenance


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  Rotary Screen Washers

Screen Washer Model Dimensions
With Lid Open
Max Length Max Diameter After Rinse Dip Tank
PK 92-1 44"x24"x58" 24" 11" Included
PK 92-2 51"x30"x67" 24" 11" Optional
PK 92-4 59"x24"x47" 24" 6" Optional