Professional inspection tool exposes ink plugging, roll wear and cell damage.

Do you have the tools to identify ink plugging, roll wear or cell damage?

The E-Z Precision Digital FlexoScope features:

  • The E-Z Scope provides high quality magnification ideal for inspecting 250LS-1500LS Anilox Rolls, print and printing plates
  • Quick Focus Adjustment
  • High Speed USB 2.0 Interface
  • PC Software Included (*laptop/desktop required for use)
  • Measures cell wall (um), cell opening (um) and cell geometry (angle)
  • Capture and save images for future wear reference

E-Z Scope Pro
A cutting-edge microscope for anilox inspection

Photo of scope in case
Scope comes in hard plastic case with foam holder.


Photo of EZ Scope Inspection Equipment

Professional-quality device displays magnified areas for inspection.


  Handheld TRM C-Series 400x Microscope: A One-Step Microscope for Anilox Inspection

Photo of hand-held inspection scope

Need a quick and easy tool to identify ink plugging, roll wear or cell damage?

  • Lighted handheld microscope
  • View the cells of your anilox up close
  • Check for wear, damage, and plugging
  • Easily monitor the condition of your anilox inventory

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