Plate Washing

Flexo Wash offers a variety of equipment for cleaning plates.

  • Safe and easy washing
  • Short washing time
  • Recirculation of cleaning liquid
  • No wear or tear on plates
  • Minimal maintenance

The PW Plate Wash units are designed according to the type of printer and type of ink used. All models will wash the polymer plates within only a few minutes, and the unique design and function makes it extremely easy-to-use for the operators.

The Plate Washers are made in several models: 82, 92, 115, 130 & 180:

This PW Plate Wash machine is a fully automatic system that together with a conveyor belt makes the washing of plates easier than ever before. Plate Wash 3300: The plates are mounted on a stainless steel plate by means of special holders and automatically washed.