Inline Anilox Roll Cleaning

Automatic Anilox Roll Cleaner for large rollers which are not easily removed from the printing machine, e.g. within the corrugated cardboard industries.

  • Control unit- A trolley with pumps, control and liquid tank which is connected directly to the cleaning chamber.
  • Cleaning chamber – Contains nozzles for filling-in the cleaning liquid and jet
    for the high-pressure water spray .

During the cleaning process the cleaning chamber is mounted to the printing machine instead of the doctor blade chamber. We use rubber edges to secure that it is tightly closed to the anilox roller. The chamber is connected to the control unit with tubes.

The heated cleaning liquid is pumped from the control unit to the cleaning chamber where the roller rotates while being sprayed with liquid. Hereafter the machine will automatically switch to high pressure cleaning with heated water. Local water supply can be used and the water lead direct to the drain.

The printing machine’s drip plate is used for collection of water, which is then pumped to the drain. The above process including the mounting of the chamber can be done in 35-40 min. Afterwards the printing station is ready for immediate reuse.