Flexo Wash offers solvent recycling distillers that are the most modern distillation units available worldwide. These solvent recycling distillers produce a high output during a fully-automatic operation, and include both batch and continuous flow systems.

  • The solvent from the dirty solvent tank is automatically filled into the distiller.
  • The process works continuously or in a batch until all solvent has been distilled.
  • Drainage of the viscous residue is through a valve, with no cleaning necessary. The unit is immediately ready for the next operation.

Solvent Recycling Packages
We offer a complete solvent reclaim system where the Parts Washer and Distillation System are connected and work in a closed loop. The Solvent Recycling Distillation System includes a distillation unit, clean and dirty solvent tanks. This complete solvent reclaim system includes:

  • Water-cooled condenser
  • Fully automatic distillation process
  • High reclaim percentage
  • Clean and dirty solvent tanks

The Parts Washers from Flexo Wash can also be connected to already existing solvent recycling distillers.

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