Manual washing can easily damage the sleeves. It is time consuming and often seen as a problem area from a health and safety point of view. Let operators focus on the printing process and press-make-ready functions instead.

All Flexo Wash Sleeve Washers are created to wash all types of inks and designed for environmentally friendly cleaning liquids.

The machines are made of stainless steel and other highly-resistant quality material, which ensures a long lifetime of the product and a very low degree of maintenance.


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  Sleeve Washers

Sleeve Washer Model Number of Sleeves Max Sleeves Dimension Machine Dimension LxWxH
With Lid Open
Power Supply
SL 2200 1 OD 13"x67" 91.9"x39.4"x73.7" 3x480V
SL 6V 6 OD 12"x67" 138"x79"x114" 3x480V