Multi Cylinder Cleaner

The CW Cylinder Cleaner is designed for continuous washing of gravure rollers.

  • Safe and easy washing
  • Short washing time
  • Minimal maintenance

The Cylinder Wash system is based on washing and rinsing; therefore the system is effective for high line aniloxes. The quick and gentle cleaning process leaves the cylinders totally clean and ready for immediate use after only 10-20 minutes cleaning without causing any wear or tear to the roll.

Before the washing starts the cylinders are placed on a frame on a trolley and the frame is pushed into the unit.

The cylinder washer unit cleans the rolls according to the following program.

  1. The cylinders rotate while cleaning solution is applied.
  2. At the end of the wash cycle, liquid is drained back to tank for re-use.
  3. High pressure water is sprayed on the cylinders removing all ink residues and cleaning liquid.
  4. An air stream blows off excessive water.