Anilox & Gravure Cleaning

As the lines on the Anilox Rolls are getting more and more fine, quality cleaning is needed more than ever.

  • Made for all ink types
  • Recirculates cleaning solution
  • All stainless steel
  • Short washing time
  • Safe and easy washing
  • No wear or tear on rolls
  • Minimal maintenance

Flexo Wash’s fully automatic anilox roll cleaners are designed to deep clean and restore anilox rolls or gravure cylinders in all sizes and line counts. Our quick and gentle cleaning process leaves the anilox rolls totally clean and ready for immediate use after 10-20 minutes of cleaning, without causing damage to the rolls and ensuring a constant and high print quality for a long time.

The Flexo Wash anilox cleaning systems work with environmentally friendly cleaning liquid, which is specially made for deep cleaning of rolls with all types of ink. A separate built-in tank is available on some units.

Take these steps to a proactive approach for anilox maintenance:

  1. Clean the rolls after each job.
  2. Keep a regular maintenance schedule on rolls.
  3. Clean the rolls immediately after removal from the press and before storage.
  4. Keep new rolls clean from day #1.

Other Flexo Wash Anilox Roll Cleaners

FW Side Load – Anilox Sleeve Cleaning

Our fully automatic anilox sleeve cleaners are designed to deep clean/restore large anilox sleeves. Furthermore, it is also a very good tool for the daily washing and maintenance of sleeves.

The easy loading system in the FW Side Loaded Anilox Sleeve Cleaner makes it possible to take the sleeve directly from the press to the washing machine without extra handling.

FW Inline Cleaning

Our automatic anilox roll cleaner is for large rollers, which are not easily removed from the printing machine. This machine consists of two parts: an operation unit with pumps, control and liquid tank and a cleaning chamber with nozzles for cleaning liquid and water.

During the cleaning process the cleaning chamber is mounted in the printing machine instead of the doctor blade chamber. Rubber edges ensure that the chamber is tightly sealed to the anilox roller.

Cylinder Washer

The Cylinder Wash system is based on washing and rinsing. The system is effective for even high line cylinders.

The quick and gentle cleaning process leaves the rolls totally clean and ready for immediate use after just 10-20 minutes cleaning without any wear or tear on the roll.